| article | Thursday, March 3, 2022


The Sprout Method, a Practical Guide for a Holistic Process of Radical Innovation (2022) presents a set of principles, techniques and tools to develop radically innovative market strategies. This methodology comprises the research of trends and the construction of future scenarios, the design of 360° offers and the projection of action plans to implement ideas. From a pragmatic perspective, The Sprout suggests collective exercises that lead to a fruitful dialogue enriched by the knowledge coming from the different areas of a company, to enhance the critical vision and creative resolution of professionals.

Social, economic, environmental and technological challenges are becoming increasingly complex for companies to manage. The evolution of the current market requires devising solutions from new perspectives. The systematic application of The Sprout Method helps to efficiently navigate all the phases of a radical innovation process. It teaches to deeply analyze the context to identify changes and draw prospective scenarios by industry, from which to recognize business opportunities. It helps define value propositions that take the form of original products, services, spaces, and experiences. It creates consensus among the different actors on the actions to be taken to achieve an organization’s innovation objectives.

The book is aimed at professionals in the areas of research, marketing, design and management, as well as anyone interested in learning and exercising a complete system of radical innovation. The Sprout Method is useful as a supplement to existing incremental innovation methodologies, as it allows to recognize emerging consumer habits and demands, while encouraging to design improvements in the offer from disruptive paradigms. The guide includes a set of digital and printable tools for readers to work in a workshop format.